Top 5 Amazon Bump Dots: Enhance Accessibility

I want to talk to you about something that’s become indispensable in my life as someone who has lost their vision: bump dots. These little tactile stickers might seem like a small thing, but they make a huge difference in my day to day activities.

Bump dots are essentially adhesive markers that have a raised bump or dot on top. They come in various shapes, sizes, and colors, and they’re designed to be easily felt with your fingertips. What makes them so handy is that they provide tactile cues, helping me navigate and identify objects more easily, especially in environments where I can’t rely on my vision.

I use bump dots for all sorts of things. For example, I have them on my home appliances like the microwave and stove, so I can quickly locate and adjust settings without having to strain to see small buttons or dials. In my office, I use them on my computer keyboard to mark important keys like the home row or function keys. They’re also great for labeling items around the house, like medicine bottles or pantry items, making it easier to find what I need.

Bump dots have become an essential tool for me, giving me greater independence and confidence in my daily life. If you or someone you know is visually impaired, I highly recommend giving them a try.

I’ve picked out the top 5 bump dots on Amazon! Check them out below.

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Bump Dots 106PC Combo Pack

Bump Dots 106PC Combo Pack – Assortment of Colors, Shapes and Sizes – Low Vision Aids Braille Stickers Raised Tactile


106-PIECE COMBO PACK: Small bumpers in different shapes, sizes and colors to cater to all your needs. Package includes Circle, Square, Spherical, Recessed, Jelly Button shaped bumpers. TACTILE MARKING: Provide easy identification of items for those with low vision. These Bump Dots allows a variety of uses for tactile marking of everyday items such as remote control, computer keyboards, telephones, appliance controls, buttons and switches Self-stick Labelers are perfect for in homes or offices aiding those with glaucoma, blind, sighted, macular degeneration, visual impairment. CUSHIONING & DAMPENING: These premium bumper pads are also great for cabinets, doors, drawers, picture frames and glass table tops – provides cushioning to prevent damage from accidental slamming, banging and closing
4.5/5 stars, 1,334 ratings, 500+ bought in the last month
Top customer review: “I love these bump dots and only wish I had bought them sooner. I put them on power buttons, microwave keys, and arrow up and down controls. these dots make a huge difference in my functionality, comfort level, and security. I don’t have to fight to see where I need to punch for power on electronics. I can tell where my fingers are on items and feel safer. I highly recommend these multi-size and color bump dots,”

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Mix Of Silicone Sticky Tactile Bump Dots

Mix Of Silicone Sticky Tactile Bump Dots (144co)


A mix of Hemispherical and Trapezoid shapes. Bright red colour for easy visibility. Strong glue attaches easily. Great help for elderly, visually impaired, blind persons.
4.6/5 stars, 261 ratings, 50+ bought in the last month
Top customer review: “Does what it is supposed to do and is a big help for people with limited sight who need a little help. Considering the days of buttons and levers are gone on appliances and such, these are great to put on start, up/down, temp control etc. on ovens and dishwashers. Great help to my elderly mother.”

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318 Pcs Mixed Bump Dots for Visually Impaired

318 Pcs Mixed Bump Dots for Visually Impaired


318 Pieces Bump Dots: there are 8 styles of bump dots for visually impaired, a total of 318 pieces bump dots in different shapes, sizes and colors, including round, square and spherical, meeting your daily use needs. Tactile Marker: these bump dots provide easily identifiable contact marks for people with low vision, and can be applied for tactile markings on a variety of items such as remote controls, computer keyboards, telephones, appliance controls, buttons and switches. Adhesive Dots: made of quality silicone, these bump dots for visually impaired are safe to use for most people; The adhesive design on the back of bump dots can help you easily paste and use the adhesive dots
Help Visually Impaired: self adhesive bump dots are nice for the visually impaired, glaucoma, blind and low vision; These bump dots are proper to use at home, office and school.
4.3/5 stars, 75 ratings, 100+ bought in the last month
Top customer review: “These texture buttons were great for reimagining your microwave oven when you have a and an adaptive needs person living in your house. The different sizes were helpful to identify the different types of buttons on the microwave. Big win.”

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Mix Of Sticky Bump Dots For Visually Impaired (Silicone 250)

Mix Of Sticky Bump Dots For Visually Impaired (Silicone 250)


A mix of black and white hemispherical shapes. Total 250 pieces. Bright. black and white color for easy visibility. Made with strong glue that attaches to surfaces easily. Helps elderly, visually impaired, blind persons to mark appliances, buttons and more
4.2/5 stars, 28 ratings
Top customer review: “I liked the black and white color making it easier for vision impaired people to see. There was several sizes and a good quantity”

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210pcs Bump Dots for The Blind and Low Vision


50+ bought in the last month

In closing, integrating bump dots into your daily routine can significantly improve accessibility for those with visual impairments. Remember, the links I’ve shared may earn me a small commission if you make a purchase. Your support enables me to continue providing valuable content. Thank you for considering these products and for supporting our efforts to enhance accessibility for all.

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